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Providing Vehicle Consultancy Services to Expats in Cambodia

If you are looking to purchase or sell a vehicle in Cambodia, but are feeling overwhelmed, CNM Motors is just what you need! We offer many other door-to-door services, including vehicle inspections, change of car ownership, car rentals, combined with expert knowledge and advice on local car sales. Don't speak Khmer? No problem! CNM Motors is a bilingual provider that will ensure that you feel comfortable and informed every step of the way. CNM Motors works alongside one of the leading mechanics in Phnom Penh to make sure your vehicle gets the highest degree of consistent care, whether it's an unplanned repair or a routine servicing. CNM Motors is an expat family-run automotive consultant company for expats -- you won't find anything else like us in the city!

Our services

CNM Motors offers great door-to-door services to our clients. Please click the services tab above on our homepage for a full list of the vehicle services CNM Motors provide.

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Vehicle Consultation

If you would like to purchase a car in Cambodia, but wouldn’t know where to start, why not give us a call? We review all aspects of the vehicle, by getting our leading partner mechanics to complete a full check-up. We offer a trustworthy and professional service like no other in Cambodia!

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Car Sales

Finding it hard to sell a car, and want help? CNM Motors deals with all the necessaries to sell your vehicle. We not only help with advertising, but we will personally meet and greet buyers on your behalf.

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Vehicle Registration

CNM Motors offer our clients door-to-door services, and can take your car to complete a change of ownership on your behalf. New registering owners are not required to attend.

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