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2017 Import Tax Tables for S.U.V’s

2017 Import Tax Tables for S.U.V’s

Although we have guessed it is a huge money maker for the powers that be, regarding import taxes paid on vehicles in Cambodia, it is surprisingly difficult to obtain the tax tables.  Of course living in a developing country, as we choose to do- one cannot simply download such a thing from official websites.

Below is a link to the 2017 tax tables for SUV’s only.  Cars with a manufacture year younger than 2001 will have to pay the same import tax rates as a 2001 car.  Sadly, older cars do not have cheaper rates here anymore.
We have seen an increase in the tax in the last 3 years, and it continues to rise each year.

Tax is calculated by the size of the engine and the year of manufacture.

Tax Sheets – 2017 – SUV