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Cambodian Driving License

Cambodian Driving License

A step-by step guide for expats applying for or renewing a Cambodian driving license in person. tep guide, on how-to apply for a driving license in Cambodia.

Due to the change in laws issued by the General Department Of Public Works and Transport, CNM Motors will no longer be offering the Cambodian driving license service. 
Below is a detailed description of how to apply for a new license by converting your international licenses or a simple renewal for all CNM Motors clients and followers.

New applications should take around one hour from start-to-finish. Renewals should take roughly 40 minutes. Both cost $30.00.

For applicants renewing an expired license; MPWT will charge 500 riel for everyday you are expired over 1 month.

ALL new or old applicants must attend in person with required documents, and complete a simple medical examination.

Aeon Mall 2 Sen Sok City, located here:
Situated on the 2nd floor. Near ABA and Acleda bank. 
Monday – Sunday. Closed 12pm – 1pm for lunch. 
General Department Of Public Works and Transport office, located here: https://goo.gl/maps/yAA7n5gRFqw 
Monday – Friday only. CLOSED 11:30am till 2:00pm for lunch.

Documents required: original passport + one copy, current valid visa + one copy, your original valid driving license from your home-country, 2 passport photos with white background, residence certificate specifically for driving licenses (which is provided from local Sangkat office – applicants should approach landlord for assistance with this).
For renewals; a residence certificate is not required. You will also have to submit your expired Cambodian license.

Unfortunately this department is no longer issuing Chinese expatriates Cambodian licenses without completing a driving test. 
If your license from your home-country does not contain English language at all, you must receive a translation from your embassy to submit along with your application. 
If you do not have an embassy in Cambodia, you can send to an embassy nearby for translation, or simply sit the test for the 10-year license (see here; https://www.facebook.com/cnmcambodia/posts/564135170590824)

All licenses for expats are valid for one year only.

Aeon Mall 2 Sen Sok City is the preferred location for expats to complete license conversions or renewals, as they offer a higher quality service, and speak very good English. Please inquire within once you have obtained all the required paperwork.

If completing your application at the General Department Of Public Works and Transport office, follow these steps below;

1. Once you arrive, enter using the last entrance (2nd on your right). To the left of the testing station is a group of buildings. Enter through the red door. This is the waiting area for people completing driving tests.

2. Follow the arrow on the right side. Enter the room on the left side (if you come in through the main entrance on the other side, its opposite). This is the medical checkup room. Office staff will ask your height and weight, and give you a simple eye test. They will complete some forms for you. You need to give them 1 passport photo and 10,000 riel only.

3. Leave the way you entered. Walk straight ahead, past the Wing shop, and look for the Driving License Office on the left hand side. Go to the last window on the right, and give your form from the medical test, your old license (if renewing), 2 remaining passport photos, and your passport along with the copies.

4. They will request that you go inside, where your paperwork is checked and approved by 4 different people, and then given to a data entry member of staff, who will prepare your application whilst you sit outside and wait.

5. You will be called to get your paperwork, sign your name on the docs, then take it to the Wing kiosk outside and transfer the remaining 30,000 riel. Wing fee is 1,000 riel.

6. Return the form to the members of staff inside the glass room office. They will recheck it, then you wait while they print your new license. You need to sign a book confirming you have collected it. 
The new licenses are paper cards in a plastic sheath. These cards have U.V watermarks, and are extremely waterproof.

Good luck