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Leaflet’s Coming Your Way

Import Tax Tables 2018 – S.U.V cars

Import Tax Tables – 2018 – SUV

Taxes Target Used Car Imports

The government is considering increasing taxes on used car imports, and encouraging auto companies to set up assembly plants in Cambodia.

Kun Nhem, director-general of the General Department of Customs and Excise (GDCE), said at the Auto Show 2018 on Friday that higher taxes on used car imports would encourage more people to consider a new car, which would help the environment and be safer and more economical.

He did not say how big the tax increase could be.

“We don’t have a specific policy yet on adding taxes to used cars, but we are considering limiting old car imports,” he said.

“We will consider the date of manufacture of old cars.

“We won’t ban the import of used cars but for cars made before 2000 we will increase taxes to stop grey dealers from importing very old cars which impact the environment and affect consumers’ safety,” Mr Nhem said.

“Import taxes, VAT and special taxes for used cars are not changing.

“Old or used cars must pass technical inspections after paying taxes. The oldest cars are more frequently sent for technical inspections while new car inspections are conducted every two years,” he said.

Speaking to auto representatives from Porsche, Honda, Nissan, Isuzu, Ssangyong, Mitsubishi and Foton at the Auto Show, which concluded yesterday, Mr Nhem said the government was offering a 50 percent tax cut for manufacturers who assembled finished vehicles in the country.

He said that there were about 300 to 500 parts and components to assemble for one car.

“The cut of 50 percent in taxes is to support local people by giving them more work through manufacturing assembly, and to support and facilitate companies which assemble new cars in the country,” Mr Nhem said.

“Currently, for car imports across Asean there are zero taxes while the government is charging only the VAT and special taxes.”

Mr Nhem said Cambodia imported about 6,000 used and new cars per month. New cars were about 15 percent of total imports. Thus, he said the new car market would have more room and potential to grow.

“Most of the new authorised automobile dealers must work harder to raise consumer awareness of new cars,” said Mr Nhem, whose department gets about 40 percent of its total income from vehicle and machinery imports.

Michael Vetter, EuroCham’s automotive committee president and board member of the Cambodia Automotive Industry Federation, welcomed the government’s move.

He said that in the last three years, the automobile sector has risen rapidly which is a good sign for Cambodian people and its economy.

“Authorised dealers will not only distribute cars legally, but they also create jobs for Cambodian people and offer the right products to consumers,” Mr Vetter said.

“All authorised automobile dealers are complying with the law in Cambodia in terms of paying taxes to ensure the safety of customers.”

Shorn Phirom, business development manager of the Car4you Company, said the new car market would improve with the government considering a rise in import taxes on used cars.

“Now the government is giving priority to new cars rather than used cars,” Mr Phirom said.

Ngoun Keovattey, assistant to the CEO of Porsche, said her company and other authorised car dealers still had issues over competition from the grey market in terms of price and parallel imports.

“We pay full taxes while the grey market pays less,” she said. “Import taxes are now 135 percent.”

She urged people to consider new cars from authorised dealers because they would get more benefit regarding costs, safety and maintenance compared with grey dealers.

This article was originally published in the Khmer Times.

10 Year Driving License

We all know that information regarding these sorts of things isn’t widely available to expats in Cambodia, so we work hard to try and source as much as possible to share within the expat community and CNM Motors’ network.

For those expats who do not wish to renew their driving license each and every year, or to those of you who have expired international licenses or even do not obtain a driving license at all -this service offers a simple solution to becoming a legal driver in Cambodia. These licenses are valid for 10 years.

You can book a medical, theory and practical exam at the Ministry of Transportation online through https://driverlicense.mpwt.gov.kh/login
To do this, you will need to upload scans of your passport, valid visa, and proof of residency/residence certificate from your local Sangkat (លិខិតនៃការស្នាក់នៅ/“lichet snadt noe”)
You will also be required to pay the 90,000r fee through a Wing or Ly Hour account. When you show up for your test, they will want a copy of your Wing receipt (though the online system issues you a QR code .pdf indicating you’ve paid, they also require to see the Wing receipt. If you pay by the phone app instead screenshots of the transaction receipt are accepted).

Some revision is required, as we know Cambodia has a unique driving system.
For revision, you can use the Driving Rules phone app. Links below.
– App Store (iOS): http://dr.mpwt.gov.kh/ios
– Play Store (Android): http://dr.mpwt.gov.kh/android
(FYI first few pages are in Khmer, but English is available shortly after)
In addition to the app, you can obtain a book and sample written exam at any driving school for 5000r only.  An English version of the book is apparently available at the driving school on Sotheros & Sihanouk Blvd; price unknown.

Once you have completed the online booking slot, and revised through the phone app/book, you may follow these steps;

1) When you go to the Department of Transport (located here; https://goo.gl/maps/KvAtRcsFQcx) head to the information window at the licensing office to get your paperwork. You will need originals of your documents for them to check against the scans. They will require 4 passport photos with white background.
2) Next go to take the medical test (pay 10,000r in cash at the medical check office, for which you will be given a receipt). The medical check office is at the rear of the compound, near the driving test area, past the vehicle inspection building.
3) After completing the medical test, you must now attempt the theory exam (located upstairs in the same building as the medical check). If you cannot understand some of the questions because the English is incomprehensible, then you can ask the examiner to explain it to you and they will help. If you fail the test, the cost for retesting is 20,000r, although this apparently cannot be completed on the same day.
The theory exam is a computerized test containing 40 questions in 30 minutes; available in English.
4) If you successfully pass the written test, you can now take the driving test.
If you show up around 1:00pm, you can pay $10 to use a practice car for 30 minutes on the course or 10,000r to use your own car. If you fail the driving test, then things become a little more complicated, as you cannot re-test on the same day. Ask a member of staff when the next available testing slot may be. To re-test show up by 9:00am, and they’ll give you a slot in the afternoon to take the test. If you show up in the afternoon, they’ll give you a slot for a different day. Retest fee is 30,000r.
The department also now allow an agent to come in the morning on your behalf (with your passport and money) to book the slot. So far there is not a way to sign up for a re-test slot online.
A translator is available for the actual driving test if required.
The driving tests must be completed in a ministry provided vehicle fit with dash-cams.
Corruption has been eliminated from all departments.
Tests are carried out on an artificial road within the Department of Transportation’s grounds.
During the test you will be required to complete two parking manoeuvres. Each available bay is very narrow, and tricky to complete. If you touch the boundaries on any one manoeuvre, it will be an immediate fail.

There can be up to 30+ people waiting to take the test on any one day, so please be prepared to wait your turn.

The practical driving test takes about 20 minutes, and licenses are issued and printed on the same day for successful participants.

Good luck to all




Up-To-Date Price Listing

A Service Like No Other

We have over 50 genuine customer reviews from expat clients on our FB page and website.
We strive to offer a unique and professional service to all our clients new and old.

If you would like to use our services, then please do not hesitate to call us now on 096 7007 434.

2017 Import Tax Tables for S.U.V’s

Although we have guessed it is a huge money maker for the powers that be, regarding import taxes paid on vehicles in Cambodia, it is surprisingly difficult to obtain the tax tables.  Of course living in a developing country, as we choose to do- one cannot simply download such a thing from official websites.

Below is a link to the 2017 tax tables for SUV’s only.  Cars with a manufacture year younger than 2001 will have to pay the same import tax rates as a 2001 car.  Sadly, older cars do not have cheaper rates here anymore.
We have seen an increase in the tax in the last 3 years, and it continues to rise each year.

Tax is calculated by the size of the engine and the year of manufacture.

Tax Sheets – 2017 – SUV

The Future’s Bright

Progress on the new location for HKS Garage- Sen Sok is well under-way.  Take a look at the most recent installments.  Expect to be open in mid December 2017.
Our original HKS Garage will sadly close, and relocate to Sen Sok due to rent inflation in the Toul Tom Poung area.

Applying for a Cambodian Driving License

– Step-By-Step Guide –

Due to the change in laws issued by the General Department Of Public Works and Transport, CNM Motors will no longer be offering the Cambodian driving license service.
Below is a detailed description of how to apply for a new license or a simple renewal for all CNM Motors clients and followers.

New applicants should take around one hour from start-to-finish, and cost $11.50.
Renewals should take roughly 40 minutes, and cost $10.25 only.

ALL new or old applicants must attend in person with required documents, and complete a simple medical examination.

General Department Of Public Works and Transport office is located here: https://goo.gl/maps/yAA7n5gRFqw
Its is CLOSED on weekends, and CLOSED 11:30am till 2:00pm for lunch break.

Documents required: original passport + one copy, current valid visa + one copy, your original valid driving license from your home-country, 5 passport photos with white background, residence certificate (which is provided from local Sangkat office – applicants should approach landlord for assistance with this).
For renewals, a residence certificate is not required, in addition, you should have your old expired license.

Unfortunately this department are no longer issuing Chinese expatriates Cambodian licenses without completing a driving test.
If your license from your home-country does not contain English language at all, you must receive a translation from your embassy to submit along with your application.

All licenses for expats are valid for one year only.

1. Once you arrive, enter using the last entrance (2nd on your right). To the left of the testing station is a group of buildings. Enter through the red door. This is the waiting area for people completing driving tests.

2. Follow the arrow on the right side. Enter the room on the left side (if you come in through the main entrance on the other side, its opposite). This is the medical checkup room. Office staff will ask your height and weight, and give you a simple eye test. They will complete some forms for you. You need to give them 1 passport photo and 10,000 riel only.

3. Leave the way you entered. Walk straight ahead, past the Wing shop, and look for the Driving License Office on the left hand side. Go to the last window on the right, and give your form from the medical test, your old license (if renewing), 2 remaining passport photos, and your passport along with the copies.

4. They will request that you go inside, where your paperwork is checked and approved by 4 different people, and then given to a data entry member of staff, who will prepare your application whilst you sit outside and wait.

5. You will be called to get your paperwork, sign your name on the docs, then take it to the Wing kiosk outside and transfer the remaining 30,000 riel. Wing fee is 1,000 riel.

6. Return the form to the members of staff inside the glass room office. They will recheck it, then you wait while they print your new license. You need to sign a book confirming you have collected it. The new licenses are paper cards in a plastic sheath. These cards have U.V watermarks, and are extremely waterproof.

Good luck

Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing

Required documents when buying or selling a car;

-Ownership card. 
Look for which name is on the card. If seller has a copy of the original owner’s ID card, this will make this easier when changing the ownership.
-Import tax receipt. This is a small pink square slip. The number (normally starting #99) should coincide with the import tax disc in the windshield of the car.
-Recent road tax. Most car owners have not yet purchased 2017 road tax yet, as it has just been released. If the car does not have this, you may be able to negotiate with the owner to cover the cost. The price for road tax depends largely on the year and size of the engine. Bigger and engine, higher the annual tax. There should be a stamp in the windshield and a receipt that matches.
-some cars have road tax cards, with chips in them. This is rare, but makes things easier when purchasing road tax at the banks or tax office.
-Technical inspection certificate. This is issued every two years. Check the expiry date. If expired, again, this could be negotiated with the seller. There is also a blue stamp in the windshield with the expiry date. These dates should match.

If certain documents are missing, most can be replaced for a price.
The only thing that is irreplaceable, is the import tax disc/shield in the windscreen.
-import tax receipt = $60
-technical inspection = $10 fine when completing new inspection upon expired
-road tax for previous years are fined by multiplying by 2. This may have to be done at tax office.
If the ownership card is missing, do not buy the car!!!!

For a small consultation fee, we can assist you to find a suitable vehicle with the right documents.
The huge car market in Cambodia can be extremely overwhelming, and sometimes frustrating.

If you would like our assistance, just let us know some minor details about car preference and max budget.

Call us now on 096 7007 434