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2017 Import Tax Tables for S.U.V’s

Although we have guessed it is a huge money maker for the powers that be, regarding import taxes paid on vehicles in Cambodia, it is surprisingly difficult to obtain the tax tables.  Of course living in a developing country, as we choose to do- one cannot simply download such a thing from official websites.

Below is a link to the 2017 tax tables for SUV’s only.  Cars with a manufacture year younger than 2001 will have to pay the same import tax rates as a 2001 car.  Sadly, older cars do not have cheaper rates here anymore.
We have seen an increase in the tax in the last 3 years, and it continues to rise each year.

Tax is calculated by the size of the engine and the year of manufacture.

Tax Sheets – 2017 – SUV

The Future’s Bright

Progress on the new location for HKS Garage- Sen Sok is well under-way.  Take a look at the most recent installments.  Expect to be open in mid December 2017.
Our original HKS Garage will sadly close, and relocate to Sen Sok due to rent inflation in the Toul Tom Poung area.

Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing

Required documents when buying or selling a car;

-Ownership card. 
Look for which name is on the card. If seller has a copy of the original owner’s ID card, this will make this easier when changing the ownership.
-Import tax receipt. This is a small pink square slip. The number (normally starting #99) should coincide with the import tax disc in the windshield of the car.
-Recent road tax. Most car owners have not yet purchased 2017 road tax yet, as it has just been released. If the car does not have this, you may be able to negotiate with the owner to cover the cost. The price for road tax depends largely on the year and size of the engine. Bigger and engine, higher the annual tax. There should be a stamp in the windshield and a receipt that matches.
-some cars have road tax cards, with chips in them. This is rare, but makes things easier when purchasing road tax at the banks or tax office.
-Technical inspection certificate. This is issued every two years. Check the expiry date. If expired, again, this could be negotiated with the seller. There is also a blue stamp in the windshield with the expiry date. These dates should match.

If certain documents are missing, most can be replaced for a price.
The only thing that is irreplaceable, is the import tax disc/shield in the windscreen.
-import tax receipt = $60
-technical inspection = $10 fine when completing new inspection upon expired
-road tax for previous years are fined by multiplying by 2. This may have to be done at tax office.
If the ownership card is missing, do not buy the car!!!!

For a small consultation fee, we can assist you to find a suitable vehicle with the right documents.
The huge car market in Cambodia can be extremely overwhelming, and sometimes frustrating.

If you would like our assistance, just let us know some minor details about car preference and max budget.

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Not Just Consultations!

CNM Motors not only offers vehicle consultancies, but also offers an exclusive door-to-door service for all types of vehicle requirements.
You won’t find any other vehicle company offering the same service as us, in Phnom Penh.
Need something checked at the garage? Need to change a tire? Would like an upgrade on your stereo system? Or even tired of your out-of-date interior?
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