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Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Registration approx $350  (prices may vary depending on model/year and owner information)
Approx $250 – for first time registrations on newly imported vehicles

CNM Motors offers a door-to-door service, and can take your car to complete the change of ownership on your behalf. To successfully register vehicles to expat owners, the Department of Transportation now require the original owner to place thumbprint and sign registration forms.
Requirements: Passport color copy, valid visa color copy, passport photos with white background x 3 (4 x 6) & all valid vehicle documents.
Change of ownership takes around 2 hours, but cards will not be
received for around 4 – 6 weeks.
$350 is the average price. For cars over 2009 manufacturer year, the price increases.  For cars newer than 2014, the price nearly doubles, making it very expensive for expats to become registered owners.